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Offering Classes, Services that will enhance your excellence.

Who We Are?

Life Enhancement Health Care Institute aims to provide health science students with the knowledge, skills and behaviors to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals as competent health care practitioners and active effective citizens in their respective communities.


Life Enhancement Health Care Institute is committed to its students and the community by offering programs which enrich growth, lead to success and promote lifelong learning.

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Our Vision

At Life Enhancement Caregivers, Our World Revolves Around You

To become the premier provider of allied health education for working adults in Illinois by transforming students into compassionate, clinically competent members of the healthcare team who are committed to excellence in practice and lifelong learning.

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Educational Philosophy

Life Enhancement Health Care Institute educational philosophy is to offer hands-on, interactive career training in a simulated workplace environment.


To meet this Life Enhancement Health Care Institute.

  • Offers nursing and related training so that students can achieve their career, educational and personal goals.

  • Provides training using actual on-the job situations so graduates have the skills and competencies needed for entry-level employment.

  • Ensures only relevant equipment and materials are used in the training of students; and hires qualified instructors and staff.


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