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Meet Our Instructors

Our CNA & CPR Instructor.

Ms Carr is a Registered Nurse with over 10 years of healthcare experience. Ms Carr received her  Bachelors of Science in Biology from Illinois State University. She has done research in Scientific laboratories and worked in medical laboratories in the past which she enjoyed. She crossed over to the nursing world  and obtained Bachelors in Science in Nursing from Resurrection University. During these years she has been an inpatient nurse at different hospitals across the Chicagoland area. Her specialties include but are not limited to geriatrics, oncology, medical surgical and emergent care.

Words from Ms.Carr: Nursing is such an innovative and rewarding career.  Learning and growth opportunities are endless. My passion for Nursing and Teaching others new skills and information, has steered me to the path of becoming a nurse educator. I am delighted and excited to embark on this new journey , educating leading and inspiring healthcare professionals.


Our Lab Director & CPR Instructor.

Detrtina McCoy is a Certified Phlebotomist and CPR instructor. Detrina McCoy graduated from Dunbar Vocational High School. Upon completion of her High School Diploma she graduated as a national certified phlebotomist and CPR instructor. She is attending Southern Illinois University and studying mortuary Science.

Words From Ms. Mccoy: I love being a lab director and cpr instructor. Both of these roles are critical to a successful learning and work environment Ordering and Keeping the supplies the student need for practicum in stock and available is vital for them to have a thriving learning environment. Also being a CPR instructor teaching them the skills required to sustain someone's life in an emergency is also vital. I am grateful for this opportunity.

Our Phlebotomy Technician Instructor

Ms Rainey has over 10 years of healthcare Experience. Ms Rainey received her Bachelors of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Dillard University. She has done research in Scientific and medical research laboratories and worked in medical laboratories in the past which she enjoyed. Her passion for people led her out of the lab and into a patient care role. Ms. Rainey became a Nationally certified Phlebotomist. Ms Rainey is geared toward collecting & handling specimens correctly efficiently so the labs that she once worked in can run tests efficiently without any errors due to specimen collection. Ms Rainey has a passion for teaching on all levels from collecting and handling specimens all the way to the complexity of running the test efficiently for accurate results. To enhance her teaching skills and delivery Ms. Rainey obtained her Masters of Arts in Education.

Words from Sharron Rainey: I enjoy being an educator for the field I am so passionate about. Collecting Specimens, handling them correctly and processing them correctly is necessary so patients can have adequate care. This is also necessary to aid in developing new treatments for disease and disease process as well as aiding in diagnosis.


Our Dialysis Technician Instructor.

Ms. Shaw  has over 20 years of medical experience. She has worked in direct patient care, leadership and preceptor roles throughout her time in the medical field. Ms Kennice obtained her Associated Degree from Kennedy King College and her Bachelors Degree from Governors State University. Ms Shaw enjoys her direct patient care role as a dialysis technician preceptor. She trains new hires on companies policy and procedures based on evidence based practice to ensure dialysis treatments are delivered in a safe efficient manner.

Words From Ms. Shaw: I enjoy working in the field of dialysis without the treatments by patients that would sustain life. This is a very stressful time for them. My goal is to train individuals to give safe and effective dialysis. While displaying compassion and empathy.

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